CmdTab LMS

A custom built learning management system that exceeded expectations with it's flexibility and scalability across multiple implementations.

Building a Custom LMS

Several clients expressed a need for a custom learning management system in order to allows their users to take courses online and track their progress. After some careful planning and forward thinking, we came up with a solution that would scale and meet the requirements for several clients with minimal customizations.

Flexible and Fun UI

The UI we developed was able to adapt across multiple clients. We were able to evolve the interface with each implementation but the core layout structure remained very similar. We also focused on putting some subtle and fun animations in to save the end user from just another boring training.

When the World Shutdown

Our LMS was implemented for a client to much succcess with over $1 million in sales in the first year. When the world shut down due to the pandemic in 2020, we were able to move all of their in-person events into the LMS and help the company survive the transition.